CNC machining, metal parts, metal treatment

Our production capacity is large and technologically advanced.


The processes that we are able to perform are:

  • Milling and grinding using CNC travelling column machines with a working area of 6500 x 2000 x 1200
  • Milling and grinding using CNC flatbed machines with a working range of max 3000 x 1350 x 1000
  • Milling and grinding using CNC machining workstations with a working range of 2000 x 1000 x 1000
  • CNC turning, max 480 x 4000
  • Turning with parallel lathes of various sizes
  • Surface grinding / finishing
  • Boring with drill presses
  • Boring with radial drills
  • Welded, machined and painted metal parts
  • Stacks of magnetic plates for flattening, up to 6 metres
  • Special angular heads and equipment of all kinds for special processing.

    machinery structures, metal parts, components made to design


    Our expertise allows us to be flexible and handle specific processes for our customers.

    Our primary goal is customer satisfaction at all levels.

    Contact us for more information:

    Tel. +39 0445


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